Defend your town from an onslaught of orcs, who role dice on their path of attack every time a new wave arrives!

You've got elves and dwarves at your disposal to fight them off - will you survive ?!


You start off with some money that you can spend on towers, and when you're ready you can click "Next Wave" to start. You can left click to buy a tower, and right click to dismiss. At the start of every wave the orcs  roll to determine their path, which the spinners can show you.

Game made in under 48 hours by Aryaman Sandhu, Brian Norman, Cole Adams, Sunny Nagam


UI SFX Set, RPG Audio, Font package, RTS Pack: Medieval, Game icon pack, UI pack

by  Kenney Vleugels (


License (Creative Commons Zero, CC0)

"Skye Cuillin" Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


Orc Onslaught.dmg 38 MB
Orc Onslaught.exe 44 MB

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